Our Story

Laser Focused, like many other successful enterprises, started in the garage of our home. As an initial project-based hobby, we just wanted to see what all we could do with our 3D Laser Engraving machine. Dana fell in love with her first cut and never looked back. She then started dreaming up more ways to put it to use and created over 100+ products. We finally shared our projects and the response was overwhelming. Every design is made with love. We hope you enjoy your gifts and keepsake just as much as we did creating it. 
Love is Patient
To My Mom - You are the strongest woman I know. Thank you for encouraging me to share share share and believing in me. 
Love is Kind
My father is my inspiration around the innovative designs that are unique to Laser Focused. He hated me traveling so much with work and thru this passion, I get to live out my dream of being at home with my children and witnessing all of the moments I will forever cherish. I honor my father in every piece I am so blessed to create. Thru the hurt, I am healed. #ForeverDaddy'sGirl
Love Always Protects, Trusts, Hopes, and Perseveres
To My Girls: Everything I do is for you! Being your Mother is my greatest assignment and accomplishment! YOU will always be..ENOUGH! #BGM
Love Never Fails
To my Husband, whose military service, sacrifice and dedication shapes the freedom we get to pursue our dreams in the USA. Hoorah!
We will always be worth fighting for!